Installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as a Virtual Machine Using Oracle VirtualBox 5.2

by | Oct 14, 2018 | SysAdmin

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Prerequisites, Assumptions, & Requirements:

  • Installing a Virtual Machine
  • You have downloaded the .iso from
    • 18.04 LTS at the time of this tutorial.

The Install

  1. Boot to your install media.
  2. At the GNU GRUB screen, select Install Ubuntu.
  3. Choose your language and continue.
  4. Choose your default keyboard layout and continue.
  5. If you do not know what you want, it is best to have Normal Installation selected along with the checkbox for Download updates while installing Ubuntu then continue.
    • In my instance, I am doing a clean install over my old install of Ubuntu, but you should still select Erase disk and install Ubuntu if you plan on this being your only operating system and then continue.
  6. A prompt will come up asking if you are sure you would like to write the changes to the disk. Select Continue.
  7. Select your location based on your time zone and continue.
  8. Type in your name, desired username, password, & host name, and select install.
  9. It will now begin copying files and then start installing.
    • This process will take about 15-30 minutes depending on your setup.
  10. When the install is finished, you will be prompted to restart your computer. It will ask you to remove your install media and hit enter to reboot, so go ahead and unmount your .ISO or eject your USB/CD and hit enter.
  11. When it boots back up you will see the should see the time centered in the screen. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to reveal your username.
  12. Click your username and type in the password you set during the installation.
  13. Once successfully logged in, you will be greeted with a short welcome tutorial by Ubuntu to highlight some features of the current release. Select Next.
  14. Live patch is optional, I personally don’t use it. Select Next.
  15. Here, I opt out of sending system data for the same reason why I don’t vote. Select Next.
  16. If you want to add extra software now the easy way, you can go ahead and do it here by opening up Software.
  17. If you happen to see a prompt for updating software, it’s safe to go ahead and do it now while you have a clean install.
  18. After all is said and done, you have now successfully installed Ubuntu.

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