About The Fast Layne


The Company

The Fast Layne is exclusively an after hours IT services provider that specializes in web development, networking solutions, and computer repair.

The Fast Layne initially started out as a D.I.Y. blog to help my family, friends, and colleagues that were not so tech savvy. Through word of mouth, friends of my friends and family began reaching out to me for IT support. As my client base started to grow, I began to operate under The Fast Layne. However, since I have been working a regular day job in IT, I was only able to service clients after regular business hours. Hence, why The Fast Layne is an after hours service provider for businesses and customers needing help after regular business hours. From replacing motherboards, to designing networks or building websites, I do my best to ensure my clients stay satisfied with the service they receive.



The Founder

My name is Kamaran Layne and I am a problem solver. I have been working with and around technology my whole life but have professionally been in the field of Information Technology since 2014. I hold an A.S. in Network Systems Technology and I am currently pursuing my B.A.S. in Supervision and Management: Business Information Technology.


Why Choose The Fast Layne?

The Fast Layne is dedicated to providing only the best service for its customers. We stay up to date with modern technologies and ensure compliance and confidentiality in secure situations. We make sure all of our customers are satisfied with their service before considering the job “complete”.

We’re a small, local business that builds relationships with our customers for the long run. We like to get to know you so we have a better understanding of how we can better serve you.

The next time you need after hours IT services, consider The Fast Layne.







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